The Rio Times is Rio de Janeiro and Brazil's leading Local News source in English, reaching a highly desirable audience demographic for Marketers doing business in Rio and Brazil.


By advertising with us you will reach a target market that is; well educated, progressive and with significant disposable income.

Reaching the Right Audience:
Reaching this audience through an accessible and respected news source builds awareness, confidence and resonance, ultimately driving customers to purchase.

Brazil has an average of 500,000 passengers arriving from International flights a month, many of whom are spending significant time in Rio de Janeiro.

Approximately thirty percent of Rio de Janeiro’s expatriates and tourists speak English as their native language, and most European and South American travelers also speak English fluently.

Rio visitors are proactive, with well over fifty percent researching, booking and traveling independently. This willingness to investigate topics of their own interest translates well to the interactive nature of the Internet, and web sites like The Rio Times.

The average stay in Rio is fifteen days over the last three years, and for those not on Holiday or here for an event, the average is almost thirty days. This means there is significant opportunity for some recognition of brand and marketing messages while they are here.

Online Readership:
Our Online readership is a mix of potential customers living in Brazil as residents, and visitors. There is an almost equal amount viewing the site from Brazil and the United States, and approximately 25 percent from the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Online Advertising Banner Placements:
The Rio Times currently sells Online Advertising Banners in increments of 10,000 views/month. Online Ad units rotate randomly throughout the site, with the probability on each page related to the number of views (impressions) purchased.

For example, if 20,000 views were purchased in a month (about 667 times per day), the Ad may currently be seen on 1/10 of ALL pages (ten percent) over the course of the month. If you purchase 40,000 views per month (or about 1,330 times per day), the Ad may be seen on 1/5 of the pages (twenty percent) during the month.

The placements options are on the Home Page are the: Column (300×600), Masthead (728×90 pixels) and Half banner (400×90). On all Inner Pages there are the: Top Box (300×250 pixels), Lower Box (300×250 pixels) and Bottom Box (300×250). In addition on article page there is the Masthead Banner (728×90 pixels).

All Advertising Banner placements have a discounted rate for volume (20,000, 30,000 and 40,000 views/month), as well as additional discounts for duration (3 months = 10%, 6 months = 15% and 12 months = 30%.)

We are able to offer free design services for static Ad Banners, but can also serve Flash animated Banners as provided. All static graphics are 72 dpi resolution, and must be under 30K file size. Animated Flash banners must be provided as .swf files, under 40K and loop a maximum of three times within fifteen seconds before stopping at a resolve. Flash (version 9) files should also include clickTAGs.

Ad Banners can start at any time during the month, and we can either pro-rate the initial month, or create a mid-month billing schedule. At the end of each calendar month, our (DFP) AdServing system provides Ad Banner Reports to confirm and detail page views per day, as well as clicks and click rate percentages.

Online Classifieds:
The Online Classified Ads can be up to 100 words long, include links and a large photo (up to 795 pixels wide). These stay active on the site for three months, and are also included at the bottom of the Home Page and included once in the Daily Email subscription – all for the low price of R$100 (US$50). *Please note this does not guarantee placement in the Print edition, to do that you need to purchase a Small Classified Display Ad.

Print Readership:
We also have a semi-Monthly Print Edition, which is usually twenty pages and always full color. As of December 2011 we increased the circulation to 10,000 copies being distributed to the top hotels, hostels, private schools, consulates and other locations where foreigners gather.

Email Campaigns:
Marketers can advertise with an Email Ad Banner placement in our emails deployment system as well, which includes Weekly Reminders of each new Online issue (every Wednesday and Saturday), and semi-Monthly Reminders of our Print Edition. The list is currently over 9,000 subscribers.

Please email advertising[at]riotimesonline[dot]com to see our full Media Kit for all prices and additional information.

* Brazil Ministry of Tourism Study, December 2008.