RIO DE JANEIRO – This week we are launching a new feature in The Rio Times, a Business Directory. It is a free service for local Rio and International businesses, anyone can submit a listing using a simple form, and it will be reviewed and added within 24 hours.

Stone Korshak, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of The Rio Times.

There are already several English language business listings in Rio and Brazil, but it seemed they are either targeted towards tourists or expats, and we wanted to combine the two. Another aspect is that we can keep it current, and provide new tools to make it more useful and easier to use (for example our new “ShareThis” feature at the bottom of every page now allows instant email or social network forwarding).

The other advantage for small business owners here in Rio, is that publishing in our directory is free. Now some smaller, independent service providers will be able to be listed; from Portuguese language tutors to tour guides and pousadas. We’ll also be looking to list local branches of multi-national companies as well; oil, cell phone networks, airlines, and professional services among others.

At launch the business directory includes our current (highlighted) and past Advertisers, but we hope our Readers and supporters in the business community will start entering listings, and it will grow organically. Of course we have our staff to build it as well, and we’ll make sure to review all listings to validate the information.

So please help us grow it quickly by adding a business you know, and forwarding this article on to a business owner of marketing representative that may want be listed. Please let us know if you have any questions about it, or suggestions on how to make it better.

Launch of The Rio Times Business Directory.


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