Letter to the Editor

Perhaps of interest is that Captain Kenneth Lindsay Molyneaux’s father and mother William Molyneaux and Eileen Molyneaux [both English], who were also my Grandparents, lived in Brazil for much of their lives. I have attached an obituary notice from English newspaper for my grandfather William Molyneaux which also mentions Captain Kenneth Lindsay Molyneaux. It appears that my grandfather was a very respected businessman in Brazil.

It also saddens me to know that should I visit Rio, which I am seriously considering, I would not be able to locate the cemetery where my Grandparent’s graves are so that I could pay my respects to them and also that my uncle Captain Kenneth L. Molyneaux and his PBY Catalina crew who gave their lives for their country do not appear to have been given the honor they deserve by the Força Aérea Brasilieira.

Also my purpose to travel to Rio would be to bring the original framed awards, photograph and Officers sword which I would like to officially hand over to F.A.B. I believe this gesture by myself having traveled so far is likely to have media attention which would be good for F.A.B., during their 70th Anniversary year.

Any assistance that you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in anticipation for your time and trouble.

Yours sincerely,

Denys Clarke.


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