Help Wanted: Experienced Freelance Reporters

The Rio Times is looking for a freelance contributing reporter to provide news stories on national and local politics and business news, for Rio and Brazil.

Reporters provide 1 or 2 articles/week, and each needs to be 500 words and be submitted into our online publishing system. Proactively find stories, as well as write as assigned.

Must ALREADY LIVE in Rio (or Brazil), have some journalism experience or a related university degree, and have English be your primary language. Must have access to a computer with internet, be able to work from home and meet deadlines.

We are able to pay just a small freelance rate per published News article. The good news is our publication is getting noticed by larger news companies and we’ve been able to get our freelance reporters work and TV/radio appearances for BBC, CNN, The New York Times, CTV, Forbes, The LA Times, The Calgary Herald, The Guardian and The Sunday Telegraph.

If you are interested please send an inquiry with links to past published work, and resume/CV to: jobs[at]riotimesonline[dot]com.

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