Rio Teacher Protests Turn Violent: Daily

By George Powell, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – For the second time this month, Rio’s city center was rocked by percussion grenades and tear gas as thousands of people took to the streets on Monday in support of striking schoolteachers.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil News

Demonstrators set fire to a bus in the center of Rio shortly after 9PM on Monday night, photo by Fernando Frazão/ABr.

Somewhere between ten and 50,000 protesters left Candelária in Centro shortly after 5PM and made their way to Cinelândia, where they gathered in front of City Hall.

The teachers were joined by striking bankers and by masked members of the anarchist group Black Bloc, who were actively involved in last Tuesday’s skirmishes, which saw the death of a protester and extensive damage to property in the same part of town.

In an effort to minimize violent clashes, Rio’s Military Police allowed the demonstrators to pass freely and gather in Cinelândia. The protest remained largely peaceful until shortly after 8PM when a group of masked protesters began lighting fires in the streets running along side Rio’s City Council building and destroying newsstands and banks.

Many of the teachers left the square around this time and the protests soon turned into vandalism, with a group of 200 or so turning their attention to City Hall, shooting fireworks and throwing rocks at the building’s doors and windows. Rio’s Military Police responded with a volley of tear gas rockets which sent protesters running.

The metro stations in the area were closed one by one as the chaos and confusion continued. Shortly after 9PM, protesters set fire to a bus on the Avenida Rio Branco, one of Centro’s main arteries, while another group set up burning barricades and threw rocks and molotov cocktails at the United States consulate.

Between 9:30PM and 10PM, the majority of the demonstrators began making their way towards Lapa, where shop and bar owners closed up for the night with police continuing to fire tear gas and percussion grenades. Relative peace and quiet returned to the streets of Centro at around 11PM.

This demonstration comes just a few months after massive protests against the poor quality of the country’s basic services gripped Brazil’s major cities. At the time, some protests also turned to violence and vandalism. While the way in which Rio’s police handled those demonstrations in June was labeled as excessive, some observers claim last night was marked by inaction from the police. Rio’s teachers stormed a session of the City Council last week. They have been on a strike demanding better wages since September 20th.

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10 Responses to "Rio Teacher Protests Turn Violent: Daily"

  1. Nicholas  October 8, 2013 at 12:41 PM

    It’s time to expose the members of the “black block” and get rid of them because they aren’t protesting in the interest of the real protesters. I hope the real protesters also realize that because the “black block” does not make sense at all.

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  3. Daria  October 10, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    I am sorry, but I did not understand well: did only teachers participate in the protest or some another groups of peoples joined them?

  4. George  October 11, 2013 at 11:00 AM

    Hi Daria, the protest was organised over Facebook as a way for the teachers to express their unhappiness at this current situation. They were joined by people sympathetic to their cause and by bankers, who are also on strike at the moment.

    Similar scenes were seen in São Paulo where people also demonstrated in solidarity.

    The black Bloc have teamed up with the teachers in a way, by attending the demos, but as Nicholas points out above, their actions might not be serving the best interests of the teachers. The black bloc are the people breaking things and setting fire to buses. I hope this makes sense?

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