About Us

While there is no shortage of world, national, and local news sources in Portuguese language in Rio and Brazil, before 2009 there has not been a weekly or daily local news source available in English since The Brazil Herald and Latin American Daily Post (which closed in 1986).

We feel that whether you are in Brazil or Rio de Janeiro for ten days or ten years, it is important to understand the happenings around us. The Rio Times provides news covering politics, business, real estate, sports, entertainment, travel and a nightlife guide.

Beyond keeping up with local events, The Rio Times will also cover issues of specific interest to foreign nationals here. Our mission is to provide the community with local information and improve their understanding of the Cidade Maravilhosa, São Paulo and Brazil.

We offer the news to our readers for free for three articles per week (or twelve per month) before asking for a small US$8.95 monthly payment, but mainly survive by advertiser support. Please make sure to give our advertisers the attention they deserve by supporting this service and making it possible.

Reporters and Editors:
Matthias Camenzind – Publisher and Editor
Riet Tramèr – Proofreading
Iolanda Fonseca – Translations
Lise Alves – Politics and Business, Senior Reporter/Editor
Nelson Belen – Real Estate, Travel and Sports, Reporter/Editor
Beatriz Miranda – Entertainment and Nightlife Guide, Reporter/Editor
Jack Arnhold – Entertainment and Nightlife Guide, Reporter/Editor
Richard Mann – Business, Arts and Culture, Reporter/Editor
Xiu Ying – Business, Politics, Arts and Culture, Special Reports, Reporter/Editor
Dorah Feliciano – Business, Politics, Arts and Culture, Special Reports, Reporter/Editor
Michael Royster – Opinions
C.H. Gardiner – Security and conflict in the developing world, Reporter/Editor
Scott Salmon – Contemporary urban issues, Reporter/Editor
Harold Emert – Business, Politics, Arts and Culture, Special Reports, Reporter/Editor
Henry Montalto – Life and Violence in Favelas, Special Reports, Reporter/Editor
Arkady Petrov – Business, Politics, Arts and Culture, Special Reports, Reporter/Editor

It is the policy of The Rio Times to promptly correct errors of fact and to promptly clarify potentially confusing statements. Errors, whether brought to our attention by readers or staff members, will be corrected quickly and in a straightforward manner by our newsroom team.

The Rio Times will continue to pursue higher standards of unbiased, factual journalism. The research process of Portuguese language sources will be increasingly scrutinized, and our editing staff will expand. Also, as a community news publisher, we will continue to appreciate the comments from our readers.