By Harold Emert

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Despite declarations by Neymar that he was “set up” by a woman supposedly raped in Paris, Brazilian police are investigating claims of sexual abuse and the posting of intimate photos on social networks by the soccer star.

Brazil’ s Penal Code of 2013 imposes a sentence of six to ten years for rape. (Photo Deposit)

The alleged victim is 26 years old, from São Paulo, she has a five-year-old son and works as a photographer.

Otherwise, her identity is unknown and being preserved by police at the Precinct for Woman’s Protection in Santo Amaro, southern São Paulo.

The police blotter registered that the woman testified that Neymar allegedly raped her at 8 PM on May 15th in her hotel room in Paris.

She and Neymar became acquainted via Instagram. A meeting was arranged and an aide of the PSG (Paris) footballer, identified as “Gallo”, purchased the air tickets and reserved the hotel.

Brazil’s Penal Code of 2013 imposes a sentence of six to ten years for rape. For the posting or revelation of sex, nude or pornographic material without consent, the minimum jail sentence is five years in prison.

The alleged victim’s testimony says: “Neymar arrived at the hotel at 8 PM, drunk. After initial caresses, he became aggressive and copulated with me against my will.”

Located in southern São Paulo by the O Globo newspaper, the supposed victim’s mother said: “On the blood of Jesus, I don’t think my daughter would make this up. I am surprised by this story. My God!”

“My daughter left home four years ago and doesn’t visit us frequently. The last time I saw her a few days ago, she was shaken. She said that she had gone to Paris and that the trip had been turbulent. She did not mention Neymar. She stayed for twenty minutes with me and left, saying she had a meeting.”

Worried about her daughter, the mother sent a brother of the alleged victim to her apartment in Santo Amaro, São Paulo. “The apartment was shut, and telephone calls and WhatsApp messages to my daughter received no response.”

In the light of two “black marks” against Neymar, who recently struck a fan in France, some Brazilian press commentators are demanding his exclusion from the Brazilian Selection.

A Police officer in Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro state, visited the National Team’s training grounds to interrogate Neymar this weekend but was unable to locate the footballer.


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