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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – President Jair Bolsonaro submitted a bill to the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday, June 4th, amending sections of the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB). The text is still to be debated by the Chamber and the Senate.

The draft extends the term of the national driver’s license (CNH) from five to ten years, in addition to doubling the number of infraction points required for a license to be suspended, from 20 to 40 points.

For those over 65 years of age, the renewal of their driving license would take place every five years rather than every three. (Photo Alamy)

For those over 65 years of age, license renewal would occur every five years, rather than every three years. Licenses issued before the date of enactment of the law will be automatically extended.

Other proposed changes are:

  • daytime headlight use during the transport of children,
  • elimination of toxicological tests for categories C, D and E (truck and bus) drivers ,
  • motorized bicycles and scooters,
  • issuance of digital documents,
  • registration of a vehicle barred on the grounds of unrectified manufacturing defects,
  • as well as the extension of CONTRAN (National Traffic Council) jurisdiction and alterations in training of members of technical bodies linked to CONTRAN.


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