By Arkady Petrov

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Justice Minister Sergio Moro had his smartphone hacked on Tuesday, June 4th, according to Folha de São Paulo. The Federal Police are investigating the case in order to determine the origin of the hacker attack.

The attack on Moro's cell phone lasted six hours
The attack on Moro’s cell phone lasted six hours. (Photo Alamy)

According to the minister, a call received around 6 PM on Tuesday, from his own number, raised concern.

The attack on Moro’s cell phone lasted six hours and, according to information released, messaging Apps were used – such as WhatsApp and Telegram, for instance. Moro was also advised that messages were being exchanged in his Telegram account.

The attack took place between 7 PM on Tuesday and 1 AM yesterday, June 5th. The number used by Sergio Moro has been canceled.


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