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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Former President Lula’s defense attorneys want to use messages exchanged by Minister Sérgio Moro and Attorney General Deltan Dallagnol, published yesterday, June 9th, by “The Intercept”, to petition for the cancellation of the Triplex cases in Guarujá and the lawsuit over the Atibaia property.

Former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva participates at the national board of the Workers’ Party in Brasília, Brazil, on June 5th, 2017. (Photo Alamy)

In earlier appeals, Lula’s lawyers had already applied for the annulment of the two actions. They also called for the indictment of Justice Minister Sérgio Moro, who served as a judge in both cases before being named Minister of Justice by President Jair Bolsonaro in January this year.

“We should use the material to file for a mistrial in former President Lula’s cases. Not from Operation Lava-Jato as a whole, because we have no authority to do so,” said José Roberto Batocchio, who is part of the group defending Lula. “The truth may get painful, but it never dies.”

Attorney Cristiano Zanin, responsible for coordinating Lula’s defense, said that he will conduct a detailed examination of all the material disclosed by “The Intercept” and that he will talk to the former president to determine the legal measures to be taken.

This Monday, June 10th, Lula will meet with state deputy Emídio de Souza (PT-SP) and former deputy and lawyer Luiz Eduardo Greenhalgh.

The goal is to define how the Worker’s Party (PT) will position itself concerning the messages exchanged between then-Judge Moro and prosecutor Dalton Dallignol.

According to the assessment of party members, PT should question Minister Sérgio Moro’s “ethical aspect” and the impact of information provided by the website.

On Tuesday, Lula meets with his lawyers.


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