By Richard Mann, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Six out of ten Brazilians would like to see Justice Minister Sérgio Moro occupy one of the seats in the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF).

According to an opinion poll conducted by the Paraná Research Institute, 59.7 percent of Brazilians said they would like to see Sérgio Moro as a minister of the STF while 33.3 percent of respondents said they would not, and 7 percent did not know or did not answer.

The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Sérgio Moro, at a Senate committee hearing (Photo Alamy)

Some three weeks ago, President Jair Bolsonaro said in an interview that Moro would be appointed to the next seat in the STF.

This should happen in November 2020, upon the retirement of Minister Celso de Mello.

Bolsonaro’s speech was a hint after two of the minister’s “defeats”: the arms decree, on which he was not consulted, and the reassignment of Coaf to the Ministry of Economy by Congress.

Moro, however, denied that he had ever agreed to accept the judicial position.

The Paraná Research Institute heard 2,066 people over the phone in 168 Brazilian municipalities of the 27 federation units between May 23rd and 27th. The reliability level is 95 percent for an estimated margin of error of two percentage points for the general data.

According to the data, Sérgio Moro’s STF appointment has more support among men: 62.1 percent compared to 57.5 percent for women.

By age group, support is highest among older people: 63.7 percent among respondents over the age of 60.

By region, the minister’s support is highest in Brazil’s South, where he was born and built a career as a judge: 65.3 percent of respondents.

And by educational level, the preference is greater among respondents with higher education: 64.3 percent.


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