By Xiu Ying, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Perseu Abramo Foundation (FPA), through the National Network of Associated Researchers (RNPA), has produced an opinion survey with truck drivers to assess the possibility of a new strike in the sector, like the one that occurred last year.

Of the total number of interviews, 49.7 percent were taken with company drivers, 42.6 percent self-employed, 4.7 percent cooperative and 3 percent employers.
Of those interviewed, 49.7 percent were company drivers, 42.6 percent self-employed, 4.7 percent cooperative members and three percent employers. (Photo internet reproduction)

The survey shows that 70 percent are in favor of a further strike, in line with the position of some of the sector’s leaders concerning the General Strike called for June 14th.

The survey was conducted between May 2nd and 18th involving 648 drivers, six of whom were women. Of the total interviewed, 49.7 percent were company drivers, 42.6 percent self-employed, 4.7 percent members of cooperatives, and 3 percent employers.

Last Tuesday, June 4th, the National Confederation of Transport and Logistics Workers (CNTTL), representing 700,000 truck drivers associated with affiliated unions, approved adherence to the General Strike.

The Brazilian Association of Truckers has published, on its website, a consultation campaign among its members to decide whether or not to join the initiative intended to paralyze the country on June 14th.

Wanderley Dedeco, one of the leaders of WhatsApp groups, an online chat App used to organize the strike in May 2018, criticized the CNTTL and said he is against the strike.

“There will be no stoppage, this is the result of irresponsible individuals in the middle of a negotiation in which the government has fulfilled its part, this announcement is the result of individuals who are opposed to the growth of Brazil and the president, but I guarantee there will be no stoppage,” said Dedeco.

The FPA poll also asked truck drivers if they are in favor of a new strike, as was the case in May 2018. Twenty percent of respondents were against it, another 71 percent were in favor, and nine percent were unable to comment.

According to the poll, the government of Jair Bolsonaro is considered excellent or good by 34.6 percent of truckers; a further 33.9 percent think it is bad or terrible.

Drivers also answered questions on the means they use to obtain information on subjects of interest to their professional category–WhatsApp is the platform chosen by 35.8 percent of drivers and, for 17.2 percent, it is television.


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