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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Reports from international tourism organizations point out the intention of boosting the travel industry in the Caribbean region, strongly impacted by Covid-19.

Cuba (Photo Internet Reproduction)
Cuba (Photo Internet Reproduction)

In that sense, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) promoted the study of data to solve the most pressing problems produced in the region’s sector by the health crisis.

The UNWTO and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) confirmed on Monday their common intentions and the search for formulas to save the economic sector in the Caribbean.

Both orhanizations gathered their members by videoconference for two days to address the main challenges, particularly the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic (travel and movement restrictions) in the Caribbean area, referred a communiqué released in Havana.

The meeting brought together 130 participants from 23 states, including the heads of national tourism administrations, national statistics offices, central banks and migration authorities.

CTO’s Acting Secretary-General Neil Walters welcomed the technical assistance offered by UNWTO and recognized the importance of data and statistics in the preparation of post-pandemic recovery programs.


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