Whistleblower goes public, says U.S. Federal Gov’t hiding Covid vaccine side effects data -secret recordings

Jodi O’Malley, who works as a registered nurse at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center for the U.S. Health and Human Services Department told 'Project Veritas' founder James O’Keefe about what she thinks has been going on at her federal government facility.

vaccine. side effects, Whistleblower goes public, says U.S. Federal Gov’t hiding Covid vaccine side effects data -secret recordings

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Project Veritas released the first video of its Covid vaccine “investigation series” on Sept. 20, featuring an interview with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) employee Jodi O’Malley, who works for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a nurse at Phoenix Indian Medical Center.

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O’Malley told Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe about what she thinks has been going on at her federal government facility. She recorded her HHS colleagues discussing their concerns about the new Covid vaccine to corroborate her assertions:


According to a biased-looking report on Wikipedia, Project Veritas is said to be an American far-right activist group founded by James O’Keefe in 2010. The group allegedly produces deceptively edited videos of its undercover operations, which use secret recordings to discredit mainstream media organizations and so-called progressive groups.

Despite these reputation-damaging accusations on Wikipedia, none of these or other accusations against the organization have been proven correct so far. some people have experienced more serious short-term side effects after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

On the other hand, Wikipedia itself is increasingly coming under criticism. It is generally thought of as an open, transparent, and most reliable online encyclopedia. Yet upon closer inspection, this turns out not to be the case, say critics.

With its 9 billion page views per month, the English Wikipedia is said to be governed by just 500 active administrators, whose real identity in many cases remains unknown, say those attacked by Wikipedia.

While Wikipedia may have started as something more innocent, it has since been, according to critics, co-opted by government spooks who quietly edit specific key entries,  to prevent the actual truth from going public.

To add at least some degree of transparency, German researchers have developed a free web browser tool called WikiWho that lets readers color code just who edited what in Wikipedia.

In the face of this information war that characterizes our reality, it makes sense for everyone to make up their minds about what they see as accurate and what they do not.

Source and original video: Project Veritas

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  1. Thanks for covering this, brilliant work. I find it so off putting that none of the big American or British media corps have covered this yet. Curious to see if anyone has dubbed it in Portuguese yet. We need coverage from both sides of the coin, feels like politics are turning into a Chelsea vs Man U game…. Time that we humans join forces and ask for better from those who govern us irrespective of what political side we’re on.

  2. There is an obvious bias in the writing of this article that anyone who does not align with their narrative is far right looney group. I have followed Project Veritas and it is obvious that these individuals were expressing their genuine beliefs. Truth is not right or left but objective facts. Project Veritas has won every lawsuit of defamation because they had the facts on their sides. This article just shows that Journalism these days is no about facts but political activism. If one is not in agreement with them then they are described as unreliable and smeared as having a crazed political perspective

  3. Hello

    Thank you for your contribution.
    I think that this article is perfectly balanced. We show the video in its full length, we describe what Wikipedia has to say about Project Veritas and we inform about what critics say about Wikipedia. An article can’t be more balanced than that. We show both sides and conclude the post with the recommendation that everyone should form their own opinion.

    Kind regards

    Matthias Camenzind

  4. Are we not supposed to notice that you didnt refute anything that we saw/heard in this video? The days of discrediting the messenger to silence the message are over. You’re gonna have to come up with a new tactic.
    Jodi O’Malley and Veritas could be criminals for all I care. They aren’t who I see making the statemwnts in these videos. I see doctors and scientists saying the vaccines are harming and killing people. Do you have anything to say about them or their professional statements regarding the dangers of the covid vaccine???

  5. “WikiScanner, which was developed by Virgil Griffith from the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, reveal that CIA and FBI agents are constantly making changes to Wikipedia entries as part of covert information manipulation operation of which most everyday people are unaware”

    Evidence of said “covert information manipulation operation”?

    Reads like wild speculation otherwise.

  6. Another article with literally zero evidence based factual information. No proof in any of this. One person saying “it’s full of shit” and a supposed government employee whistle blowing. With no proof. How incredibly ridiculous when people believe these unproven opinions based off one video of someone calling it shit. Seriously? Ugh. Let’s not forget to add person they are talking about got COVID and had CHF…one of the main things that can happen when someone gets COVID. Find something fact based and proven before putting it out there for others to see and potentially believe. Should worry more about getting truth out there and statistics on people who died from COVID and people who haven’t died because of the vaccine.

  7. I think it’s hilarious people like the above said Person “Should worry more about getting the truth out there” the truth is the vaccine is a joke. People die with or without it. There is absolutely no reason to mandate a vaccine for 98% survival rate. I know just as many people who have died with the vaccine, it’s allergy season and my allergy meds aren’t working because no one else is taking them. Quit promoting stupidity people.

  8. The FDA DID, in fact, revise its fact sheet about the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, to include a warning about myocarditis and pericarditis. The implication from the video, that the government wants to completely sweep under the rug adverse side effects, is not true. Additionally, one cranky government nurse saying in a video, “the vaccine is shit,” doesn’t speak for the MILLIONS of people who have received the vaccine with NO adverse side effects. The video only presents a sliver of negative results, and presents it as if it is happening a lot more than it really is. James O’Keefe, the producer behind Project Veritas, is an ultra-right-wing videographer who seeks to discredit “liberal” mainstream news media, like CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. I wonder how much he paid government worker Jodi O’Malley for her testimony here?

    I’m not saying that myocarditis is a lie. It’s a rare adverse side-effect of getting vaccinated. But the “report” deliberately skips over the good (the vaccine prevents severe illness and death from occurring) while it sensationalizes the bad (myocarditis doesn’t occur as often as this video would have one believe).

  9. Well it’s funny that we should just follow the millions of people that got the vaccine with no severe side effects but we can’t make our own choice to not get the vaccine because of the risk of getting covid which MILLIONS have survived. 98% SURVIVAL RATE!! Children are dying of heart problems after being vaccinated but more than likely would have easily made it through covid itself. This vaccine should be a choice! I will not allow my perfectly healthy child be forced to take a vaccine that could kill her! I work in a hospital and I worked through the pandemic and now my job is on the line because I refuse to risk causing harm to myself over an illness that has a 98% survival rate!! You’re probably one of those “my body, my choice” when it comes to abortion but not the vaccine.

  10. Dani

    Well said friend. I think this article is bias as Fck. The fact is that I know atleast 5 people who have had side effects from the vaccine and that’s a lot considering I don’t know too many. My job may also be on the line for refusing to comply with putting something into my body that I don’t want, trust and spiritually speaking do not need. I am the first person in my family for a couple of generations back to ever make it out the ghettos of New York. Ass a single mother I busted my ass to go from being homeless to being a middle class citizen in what I thought was my beautiful America. For I surely was in denial once more about what I had always known. We are not free under the ruling of the wealthy without compassion. The world seems lost and enslaved and only we can save ourselves. We are born to love, build, teach and protect the innocent and the powerless and yet we make profit of another’s sorrow. The mainstream media is lying to everyone and the sheep are backing them up. If you think it’s too late to wake up, it isn’t. I am building a non profit organization where the abandoned and betrayed can find consolation. We belong to ourselves and our gods not to any other earthly being. We do not have kings and we frown upon dictators so we need to protect our freedom at all cost. There are many people out there who were forced to to get vaccinated or else would face losing their livelihoods and they just could not put their families through that. The unfortunate ones who have had bad side effects or died because of the vaccine, however they are not reporting this and most of the well known social media sites are censoring anything they deem anti-vaccine propaganda . There are many who have had their religious and medical exemption denied based on solely the opinion of another being paid to make us so afraid of dying that we don’t care if we lose the right to own ourselves. Even some of our soldiers are being betrayed by their country because they did not want the shot. This will probably get censored too but fuck it. THE TEMPLE OF HOPE FOR HUMANITY IS COMING!


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