Another view on the pandemic: Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti small business owners, New Jersey

34% of America’s small businesses are still closed due to Covid-19. Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti tell their story of what they went through to keep their business from going under.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL –  Two hard-working men, Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti from New Jersey, saved up and bought a failing gym and turned it around into a success.

They enjoyed 9 months of business until they were told to shut down due to Covid-19. After two months and no coherent plan from the government, they made their own and opened up.

This interview with them tells their story.

While mom and pop might not always be in focus, small businesses are, in theory, a powerful and influential piece of the economy. 99.9% of all businesses in the U.S. qualify as small businesses, collectively employing almost half (47.3%) of the nation’s private workforce.

They’ve also been one of the hardest-hit sectors of the economy amid the pandemic.


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