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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – (Sponsored) Gold and bitcoin can coexist, according to Goldman Sachs, which said that while cryptocurrency may be reducing some of the demand for gold, the precious metal’s position as a safe haven par excellence will endure.

How can you make money with bitcoins?
How can you make money with bitcoins? (Photo internet reproduction)

So far this year the precious metal has revalued only 24% compared to the rise of 218% that the digital currency has accumulated – today bitcoin is located over US$44,000. Since gold reached its maximum level on August 6th last year, standing at 2,075 dollars per ounce, the metal has fallen 8.7%, while bitcoin has appreciated 94% in that same time.

The trend around bitcoins has already been in the market for several years and more and more people are encouraged to try this cryptocurrency, something that necessarily makes it increasingly difficult to find economic benefits in the short term. However, there is still a lot of room to take advantage of, and this article will focus on the simplest ways to make money with bitcoins.

Those who have advanced knowledge in this market will surely know of other alternative ways to make money with bitcoins, although the user who is just starting out or wants to try his luck does not have any need to complicate his life. Cryptocurrency mining is quite popular but it will surely be out of reach for most, which is why buying bitcoins and investing is the most common today. That’s why some helpful tools like Bitcoin Prime are increasingly popular today. If you want more info, you can read it on the bitcoin prime review!

The purchase / sale price of Bitcoins is variable and allows you to do good business

Currently there are several services and software that simplify the process of materializing the money earned virtually, facilitating the customization of previous parameters through an algorithm to carry out transactions at the right time without the user having to be aware of the volatile changes in the market every day.

But of course, to make money with bitcoins, the most useful thing that is needed is to offer some type of service or product online that supports payment through this currency. Today there are several serious payment platforms backed by bitcoin technology in the market and that can be integrated into a website or blog in a matter of minutes.

Next, it is important to have access to a bitcoin wallet that basically consists of software where everything collected is managed safely. Through the use of a reliable exchange service, this amount can be transformed into the currency that one wants, as well as risk buying more bitcoins and waiting even years for their price to grow in the future to obtain a significant profit when reselling them.

Earning money with bitcoins through mining is not for conventional users

Bitcoins mining is known on the web with a negative tone since some software has been discovered to use the computers of its clients without their permission. The truth is that its operation is based on software that uses the power of the graphics processor to solve highly complex problems that the Bitcoin network supplies.

If the computer is able to overcome these problems, a reward is obtained from the bitcoin network with a fraction of its cryptocurrency, so it is necessary to carry out the process multiple times to get bitcoins and therefore almost exclusively dedicate a piece of powerful hardware to get results that pay off at the end of the road.

Likewise, more and more users have been encouraged to mine bitcoins around the world, and the more involved the more the problems available to solve become more complex, thus generating longer mining times.


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