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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Order an essay on a given topic without unpleasant consequences? In short, yes, it is possible, as students like you face challenges with their essays every day, which is why many have considered hiring an academic expert to write an essay for them, knowing that buying essays online can make college, university, or even a PhD program easier. The situation gets more challenging, if you are studying English as a second language. ESL students from Brazil often complain that they are under double stress — even having enough knowledge and information about the subject you still are under pressure of making mistakes in writing itself.

Buying an Essay Doesn’t Make You a Criminal
Buying an Essay Doesn’t Make You a Criminal. (Photo internet reproduction)

The growing pressure of higher education also comes with a cost. The consequences of getting caught violating an academic honesty code can make it difficult to decide on the best way to get the help you need. With so many courses now moving online due to the ongoing pandemic, this has only upped the ante by increasing the number of essays that students need to write each week. In this climate, getting the help you need can be hard. So that raises the question: Is it safe and legit to buy your essay online from an academic expert? Can a student from Rio simply as you do it right.

Buying an Essay Doesn’t Make You a Criminal

Before we begin, let’s discuss the legal part of the equation. When you buy a paper online, you are not committing a crime. It is perfectly legal to hire someone to work on your paper and no law prevents you from commissioning a custom-written essay from one of the world’s best academic essay writers. It is legal to buy quality work to learn the best way to approach your essay topic.

However, few students reading this article seriously wonder if they’ll face jail time over an essay. We repeat — there is no such risk. ESL Brazilian students are fully protected when it comes to buying essays to learn more about some particular subjects, formatting, citing, etc.

Here Comes an Ethical Part of the Equation

That’s why we need to discuss the moral and ethical boundaries of purchasing custom essay services. Students like you are rightly concerned that buying an essay will create a moral or ethical issue that can compromise your education or create problems for you in your courses.

First, in evaluating the legitimacy of buying an essay you need to ask what you’ll do with your paper. The most legitimate way to use a paper you bought is to use it as a model for the right way to develop your own essay, its research, and its format. A professionally written paper will demonstrate the best way to answer your essay assignment question, as well as the proper formatting of the paper and the right way to support each paragraph’s main idea with supporting details. A custom-written essay will also help you to develop an understanding of the research and writing process a professional writer uses, allowing you to get a head start on your own final copy.

How Do YOU Feel About This Way of Action?

The next question to consider is whether it is morally permissible to submit a paper that you purchased as though it were your own work. While every school has its own academic honesty policy, they have in common that students are supposed to turn in their own work and there are punishments if you get caught. That means that when you buy a custom paper, you need to be sure that you use it as a model and a guide, not as the paper you turn in to your instructor for academic credit. That means that you should be learning from a model paper and using it to save time in the writing process, not exchanging money for getting your paper done without effort. As long as you use a paper the way it’s supposed to be used, you’ll stay on the right side of the academic honesty policy and ensure there won’t be negative consequences. Even if you spend hours studying an Honor Code of your college or university, you won’t find any restrictions regarding this way of purchased papers’ usage. So, feel free to benefit from this loop as much as you can.

In Any Case — Don’t Compromise on Quality!

However, there is another issue to consider when evaluating the legitimacy of papers purchased online. This question revolves around whether you will receive what you order when you buy from a website. Many students are right to be concerned that they will receive bad papers that contain plagiarism, that are riddled with errors, or that use poor quality research or reach bad conclusions. While these kinds of problems often occur most frequently when students buy papers that seem too cheap to be good, there are ways to make it more likely that you will receive the best quality for your money. One key thing to do is to try to purchase a paper whose price seems equal to the work needed to write the paper. Don’t order the cheapest possible paper but rather the paper that you can best afford. The more a writer earns, the more likely the writer is to deliver quality. Similarly, you should use a known quality service like WriteMyPaperHub for buying your essays online rather than an unknown service or one from overseas with no track record of success.

How much a custom paper benefits you depends on what you do with the essay you receive. As long as you use your paper the way it was intended to be used, you will benefit in ways large and small. Custom papers are a legit way to get help as long as you follow your school’s academic honesty policy.


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