Letter to the Editor by Laurie Clark

I was born and have lived in Canada for almost sixty years. First, I would like to apologize for the sleazy spying that has been going on by our spy service at the behest of our government, most likely our fascist, corporate controlled Prime Minister. He has learned well from his Republican masters to the south of us. Anything to enhance the bottom line appears to be the mantra of this government. Don’t hold your breath waiting for answers from Harper and his ilk; Canadians have been waiting since 2006 for answers and have given up any hope of ever receiving any.

At one time Canada was highly regarded on the world stage. As each day goes by we see the wanton destruction of our reputation and we live for 2015 so we can kick this bunch to the curb. I can only hope that the world realizes that it is our goverment who have become mean-spirited and the average Canadian is still the same; we welcome all and generally are pretty easy going folks. Apparently we smoke more pot than the rest of the world (per capita), which could explain our apathy towards politics and politicians (less than sixty percent of eligible voters actually bothered to vote during the last election).

Most people commenting in our online media are thoroughly po’d at what is going on. The spying is being done for corporate profits (and our tax money is being used to pay for this) and quite frankly the Canadian public is furious over this and many other things these idiots in Ottawa have done to destroy our country.

I look forward to more information from Greenwald and an inquiry by your government would be nice, too.

Once again, the actions of our government are not supported by the majority of Canadians. We are appalled!

Laurie Clark
Dieppe, NB


  1. Nice one Laurie! To proudly say I’m from Canada these days…not an easy task..And, oh, I’m sorry, we’re ALWAYS apologizing. Well, in this instance, you’re too right! The behavior of this current government is reprehensible!- Our waiting for 2915 seems endless………(eh)
    Pippa from BC, Canada


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