RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – After a month of not publishing the Print Edition of The Rio Times, we are back at it, planning to go to press on Monday, new copies on the street for September 1st. It feels great to have the Advertiser support behind us, and although the economic climate is a bit rocky, something I’ve learned from my life in the Ad Agencies of New York is that in recessions, Marketing is more important then ever.

Stone Korshak, Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times.

We did not use the month off from Print to pickup hang-gliding or learn to samba dance finally, but rather worked on some new features and developments with our Online news service.

For starters we added a new Currency Exchange Ticker to the site, and also re-activated our Survey and Polling system. We had set up the initial Poll for the presidential elections but had not offered it regularly while we focused on other things.

Also under our Op-Ed we have started an Obituaries section, and count on our partners at the BCS (The British and Commonwealth Society of Rio de Janeiro) and AmSoc Rio (The American Society of Rio de Janeiro) to provide notice when loosing members of the community, but encourage all our readers to send announcements so we can help commemorate and share condolences.

Perhaps the biggest change we have made to our News service operation is the addition of a Daily Updates to the site. The goal is to not miss on any breaking news because of our Weekly schedule. It is the first test – a cautious step towards becoming a Daily Online publication.

The articles are shorter, and are meant to be a news flash with references to larger publications that have the resources to cover it in more detail (although in Portuguese). We are currently publishing these five days per week, Thursday through Monday mornings.

With time, if we find our community (you) reads these on a regular basis, increasing our Readership, and therefor our Advertising revenue, we can continue with more updates and full stories. We’ll get there, just a matter of how quickly. Now, we’ve got a Print edition to put together, so back at it.


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