RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The first topic for the editorial this week is a nod to Brazil’s 2010 Census, and how the numbers related to the U.S. and the UK. After some quick research I found the 2010 U.S. Census site, and discovered the UK Census was just taken in 2011, with results not due out until 2012. The Brits started counting heads in 1801 apparently, never breaking the 10-year schedule to a nice round decade number.

Stone Korshak, Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times.

After about forty minutes of research I realized the effort to compare data carefully was too much for this article. I did find an interesting site though comparing data between countries. We will not speak for the validity of the data (although apparently the BBC and New York Times like it), and some of it is outdated by ten years, but it is interesting – on NationMasters.com.

For instance with a quick side-by-side comparison it tells us that the U.S. has 59 percent more people then Brazil, and the rural population is a higher ratio, 18 percent more people in the U.S. live in rural areas then Brazil. By contrast, Brazil has twice as many people then the UK, and 55 percent higher ratio living in rural areas.

For better or worse the U.S. has an 18 percent higher divorce rate (most in the world), while the UK has 11 percent more (4 highest). Brazil has four times more murders per 100,000 then the U.S., ranked tenth in the world, but the U.S. ranks first for people in prison, six times more then Brazil (only three times more per capita though).

The statistics are addictive so I’ll stop now.

What we really want to talk about is our expansion of the Print Edition circulation from 5,000 to 10,000 copies for the December issue. After talking about it for months and planning the larger distribution, it is finally happening. We are still a bit shy on advertising revenue to sustain it, but hopefully the doubling of readership will attract more marketers wanting to be involved.

For a partial list of locations, please see the Media Kit for the month of November. It is a new format we hope works well as we continue to grow and expand. For next month we plan to add more information about our Email Ad Banners and new Mobile site marketing opportunities as well.

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