RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – It’s here already, ’tis the season, Christmas time, and then before we know it New Year’s Eve… and then we have to get used to writing 2011 on everything.

Stone Korshak, Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times.

This is only my second Christmas in Rio, all the other years I was back in the North. As cliche as it sounds, I’m still finding it hard to get in the spirit when it’s 85 degrees and sunny – not that I’m complaining.

Not sure how things will play out for the actual holiday, but maybe some Xmas shopping and a peek at the Lagoa tree will get the spirits lit up.

For the city of Rio, it was great to report on Complexo do Alemão making efforts to have a happy holiday season given all the trouble there in the last month.

This week’s Editorial is going to be short one (as we have to start the above mentioned shopping), so I’ll just take a moment to count my blessings.

I miss my family in friends back home, and my misty-eyed thoughts are with them for the holidays. Thanks Santa for Skype, without weby-cam it would be much much harder.

I am thankful for my friends and love I have in Rio, it is my new life that has given me all the adventure and peace of spirit I could ask for.

I am thankful for all the Reporters and people that help make The Rio Times happen each week, it is a sense of purpose and community that makes the sun come up.

I am also thankful for all the Advertisers that have supported what we are doing, and while we have a ways to go, they’ve helped keep the lights on for the last 1.8 years.

So, Merry Christmas everyone, Feliz Natal!

This is not my child, no relation actually, other then climate and an obvious Christmas spirit, photo by Jim Harmer/Flickr Creative Commons License.


  1. nice piece, stone. but get used to it, after 30+ years here, it’s still hard for me to feel Christmassy in the heat.
    the closest thing to a white chrismas downtown is when office buildings have confetti drops in the late afternoon nearing christmas or new year’s eve. haven’t seen any yet, but the sidewalks of Av. Rio Branco do get very white with shredded paper.


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