RIO DE JANEIRO – The big news of the week is the potential for Oil proceeds to be pulled from the State domain to a National level for equal distribution across the country. Living in Rio, it’s hard to not take it personally, but I suppose if I lived deep in the interior of Brazil it may sound like a good idea.

Stone Korshak, Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times.

Hopefully the powers that be can find a middle ground, so Rio doesn’t loose the Olympics, and Brazil can increase the standard of living in some remote corners of the country.

We also have President Lula arriving in Israel where he begins a tour of the Middle East, including the Palestinian territories and Jordan, ahead of a more controversial visit to Iran in May. On the heals of a new U.S. Ambassador in Brazil Thomas Shannon, and a visit from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it seems some horse-trading is in the cards.

There were a lot of disappointed metal fans when Guns N’ Roses had to cancel their show do to a massive rainstorm, but luckily they’ll be back in April. On a different end of the cultural spectrum the US Embassy of Brazil has compiled and co-ordinated “Obama: The Man Few Know” photography exhibition.

In sports, Vasco da Gama was disappointed again by Flamengo, and the biggest fan base in Rio got to celebrate. In the Amazon region, an jungle river surfing festival, yes – surfing a river – will run from March 27th to April 2nd.

In a very serious, and very sad note, the community lost Peter Rabang last week, and while we do not have an Obituary section, we hope to publish something next week about his life. A traditional catholic commemorative mass will be held this Wednesday, March 17th, 11AM at the Igreja Santa Cruz dos Militares.


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