RIO DE JANEIRO – This is our first week of an Op-Ed section (Opinion and Editorial) and it’s an exciting new feature for us. This being my first Editorial note, I suppose it makes sense to provide a little background for those unfamiliar with our story.

Stone Korshak, Editor and Publisher.
Stone Korshak, Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times.

My name is Stone Korshak and I am the Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times.

After a career producing interactive media, mostly in New York, I came to Rio in 2004 to write my first screenplay. After years of coming back-and-forth between Rio and NY to write, I was struck by the lack of English news available here. So by 2008 I was determined to launch a news company in Rio, and in March 2009, it finally happened.

Some answers to common questions; currently we publish weekly, every Wednesday, and we publish only online for now, but hopefully next year we’ll expand to a printed weekly edition.

Our goal is to be the local news source to the English speaking foreign community here, for both expats and tourists. As a business, we earn revenue by selling ads, online banner advertising, and appreciate the support.

So back to the point, this new Op-Ed section is one of the enhancements we plan to offer this year. As Editor, I will work to provide some input each week, and we will also have Opinion writing from some colorful voices with a lot to say about Brazil, Rio, and our community here.

Another feature of the Op-Ed section will be “Letters to the Editor” which I hope we’ll start publishing next week. Also, in the future, we’ll launch a writing contest for Brazilian English students here, primarily from the NGO (Non-Profit) groups admirably providing social services in Rio’s favelas.

This week we have a long-time Rio resident as our Opinion writer, Mr. Michal Royster, who first saw Rio forty plus years ago, and moved here about thirty years ago. We hope you enjoy this new section, and please don’t hesitate to offer feedback, as well as “Letters to the Editor” – which need to be submitted by Sunday in order to make the following Wednesday’s issue.

If you would like to send us feedback, are interested in being an Opinion writer, or submit a Letter to the Editor, please email: news[at]riotimesonline[dot]com.


  1. My wife and I are educational administrators fro Los Angeles, California, USA. We have spent the last 10 days in Rio earning our advanced degree inInternational Leadership through Professwoe Linda rozco’s Tier 2 Program, sponsored by the University of California, Irvine. As part of my assessment, I was required to write a Letter to the Editor — which was my ultimate pleasure. Thank you for sharing my thoughts with your readers, both here in Rio and worldwide. — Michael Pardridge, Assistant Principal of McAlister High School-CYESIS (we accept only girls grades 6-12 who are pregnant), Los Angeles Unified School District, California, USA.

    An Open Letter to the People of Brazil:
    In just a week here in your beautiful country, I have learned much. What you have taught me in your various ways will stay with me forever – and I believe the only way to thank you is to tell everybody I know about you.

    To the children of Rio, you have shown me what hope looks like. I saw it in the eyes of every student tucked into a school uniform, as you sat attentively at your school desk, books and minds open to all that is possible with an education. I remember one young girl about 15 dutifully poring over her list of questions she wanted to ask – of course in English, silently practicing and practicing. Such pride!

    To the working class of Rio, you have shown me what hard work looks like. You come and go on the Metro, the buses, the sidewalks – always with a purpose, whether it be to serve the public in restaurants and supermarkets, to provide the transportation that keeps this city moving at such a brisk pace or to repair the roads under a blistering sun. I remember one street worker, sweating profusely as he laid asphalt, who had cut a piece of cardboard to create a brim to his hard-hat. Such ingenuity!

    To the heart-breakingly poor of the favelas, you have shown me what persistence looks like. Never before have I been in neighborhoods where the basics of human existence are so scarce. You live in utter poverty, where there is danger around every corner, and yet you trudge along, hope forever fighting to spring from your weary souls. I remember the young mother, not even pausing in her conversation with a friend even as a phalanx of gun-toting policemen rushed by, their automatic weapons aimed, chambered and ready to kill. Such resilience!

    And finally, to whoever up there created this awesomely beautiful land – with its white sand beaches, lush tropical growth and massive, drenching thunderstorms like you have never experienced in your lifetime – you have shown me what paradise looks like.

    I shall return. Until we meet again, obrigado and ciao!


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