RIO DE JANEIRO – Seasons change, even in Rio. The winter weather has cooled to a brisk mid-70’s F (low-20’s C), and the long-sleeve shirts have reappeared along with a pants, boots, some jackets, and I even saw a scarf the other night. Growing up in Vermont, this is like our summers.

Stone Korshak, Managing Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times.

A lot of Rio residents welcome the change, relieved for a reprieve from the repressive heat. I don’t understand this. Even in New York, where I’ve spent most of my adult life (and considered sub-tropic by most Vermonters), I’ve always welcomed the summers. I like the heat… that’s one of the reasons I’ve made it to Rio.

Now that Rio is suffering from a cold snap, it’s time to find warmer pastures, and I’ll be heading back to NYC for a few months. It’s actually to do some consulting work, and explore investment options to help us move to a Print, but the timing is not a coincidence.

Honestly I welcome the heat, the steamy concrete streets, the sweaty-legged walk-about past outdoor late-night tables abuzz with summer. It would be my preference to never leave Rio, but for this short season, at least my destination is the greatest city on earth.

Three months, that’s how long the season lasts, and we’re really excited to have a great person fill in as Editor while I’m gone. We’re lucky enough to have someone available that is experienced in journalism, as well as a three-year resident of Rio.

Doug Gray has been with us at The Rio Times since the beginning, and not only is a weekly work-horse, and a talented writer, but a trusted adviser. Doug has been helping with operations and the Sub-Editing over the last six months, and is also the creator of the Nightlife Guide, our most popular section.

While in New York, I’ll stay involved in planning the weekly news schedule and continue writing the Editorial articles, but Doug will be running the day-to-day management of the News Team and publish the weekly issues. Please join us in welcoming him into the role.

One other note about the weather, we hope you’ve noticed our new weather feature on the top of every page. It is a simple addition but something we hope our readers will find useful.

Rio de Janeiro average monthly temperatures, provided by weather.com.
New York average monthly temperatures, provided by weather.com.


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