RIO DE JANEIRO – Brazilian’s are keenly aware of the negative ways that Rio is portrayed sometimes. The other night I was talking with a upper-middle class girl (they call that Class B here I believe), and mentioned The Rio Times. She was physically distressed at the prospect of sensationalized violence and sexual images further proliferated around the globe.

Stone Korshak, Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times.

Another time I was watching a film here – “Public Enemy” (not very good), and every time they mentioned escaping the law and fleeing to Rio the entire theater audience cloffed (clapped and scoffed at the same time).

Perhaps the most famous international portrayal of Rio in recent times is the “City of God” film (which was amazing), and unfortunately very realistic.

Let’s face it, the images are real. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, walking along a favela street with thirty machine-gun-havaianas-wielding sixteen year-olds on patrol.

But of course, that is just a small slice of reality here, and there is so much happening in the Cidade Maravilhosa, that one can get lost amidst the variety of cultural and physical beauty.

The Rio Times tries to highlight that diversity, and is conscious of the imbalance of images produced by the global media. So it is with some trepidation that our Front Page story is about the Favela Pacification Spreads to Tijuca, but ultimately it is a positive story and for the people who live here an important step forward.

Rio is changing, for the better of it’s society.


  1. As a tourist to Rio for the past six months, I initially came prepared to see a city so often portrayed by the North American media. Having spent much of my time in many phases of life here, I found that the diversity of Rio’s large and charming populace far outweighed any previous negative images. I was engaged in the daily lives of the Carioca and never once encountered anything slightly amiss or dangerous. I would certainly have advice to pass along to visitors coming to Rio, but this would be along the same lines as advising anyone going to an American city. I look forward to returning to this wonderful place and its people.

  2. As a foreigner I have moved from in awe and not scared to living here long enough to know better. Rio is an amazing place with amazing people but it is a city with some serious problems. I’m happy to see that the government is making an attempt at change. I hope that improving the public school system follows :)


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