RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – We released our third issue of The Rio Times Print edition last week, currently a monthly news publication. Each issue is getting easier to publish workload wise, and the Advertising support is growing, we just need a little patience, and we’ll be on our way to the Weekly version to keep up with our Online issues.

Stone Korshak, Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times.

The editorial process has been fun, to pick our favorite stories from the last four weekly Online issues, but it is also a challenge to find the stories that remain timely on a monthly schedule.

The distribution has also become easier, and we are able to deliver more copies to less locations, focusing on the most important places. At some point we may even be able to charge a small amount per copy, which added up could help us grow faster.

In other updates, we have come to an interim policy on Comments posted to news articles, which is as follows:

* Please note Comments are now moderated for editorial value, and will only be published after your email address is confirmed as valid.

This solves several concerns, the first is editorial value, and all we are trying to avoid here is bathroom wall, bar room brawling on our news publication. We have made some enemies, some people are passionately offended by not being able to write whatever they want on The Rio Times, and for this I am sorry.

The other part of the equation is letting people know that email addresses will need to be verified as real contact information before we publish any potentially contentious Comments. This is to help us avoid any libel situations, and let the subjects of our news reports respond on equal footing, so the accused are given the rights to confront their accuser (I learned that like most of my legal expertise from watching Law & Order).

All kidding aside, the days of using news publishers to vent anonymous (hateful and negative) opinions are coming to a close. The good news is in this digital age, anyone can start publishing their own news, information and opinions – so individuals are free of censorship in most areas of the world.

A last note, because we still want to encourage community building, if you want to submit Comments on The Rio Times, and they are of editorial value (i.e.: add value to the report) and not positioned as hate mail, we’ll publish it without requiring email validation. This is for you.

Thank you for all your support.

March Print Edition (email us for a low resolution PDF version)

Front page of the March issue, The Rio Times Print Edition.
Front page of the March issue, The Rio Times Print Edition.


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