RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Weather-wise this time of year feels like we’re turning a corner. It has been cold – relatively – the last few days and the Southern Hemisphere’s winter feels ready to break. I was lucky enough to spend a couple weeks in mid-August back home in Vermont with wonderful summer weather there, but I know that is about to turn a corner also as the fall winds come.

Stone Korshak, Editor and Publisher of The Rio Times.

After three years we’re seeing trends develop with our Online readership, and that seems to be turning a corner also. The months of May, June and July were a little lower then expected as we came off of last year’s Carnival season, and the Rio+20 UN Conference was a big disappointment in terms of readership in June.

Then came August and the London Olympic Games, and the finals and closing ceremony turned into our most read weekend ever. This was very exciting and a big relief to see how the mega sporting events draw interest. Of course the spike was short lived but it brought a lot of new readers and some of them are staying with us.

Over the low Rio winter months our Online readership ratio changes to be about even amounts of people looking at the site from Brazil and the U.S. (about 32 percent each), and now what we see for August is the U.S. readers are now 36 percent and readers in Brazil are down to 26 percent. That indicates the huge population of English speakers living in the U.S. is our biggest variable.

So not only do we get a ripple effect of topic-specific interest spikes from the mega-events like the Olympics, but also the change of season in the Northern Hemisphere means people are starting to think about vacations and escaping the winter there. That works out because here if feels like people are ready to start thinking about (Rio’s) summer.

There was an article about the New Year’s party planning in O Globo this morning, and some references to Carnival season are already being whispered. That all sounds like good news to me, we’re ready it. Next thing we know it will be time to change our clocks and re-calculate time zones with the Daylight Savings Times.

The 2012 London Olympics brought a new record of Online Readership during the weekend of the closing ceremony.
The 2012 London Olympics brought a new record of Online Readership during the weekend, and 45,000 Pageviews for the week of the closing ceremony.


  1. What a great editorial to find!!
    I was born and raised in Rutland VT. After a stint in the service I came home and a few years later moved to South Burlington.
    The Burlington area is the place to be. Everything is there or a short car trip away. Even my favorite large city. Montreal.
    Last October my Lady and I spent nearly all of October in Vt. We saw the damage Hurricane Irene did to Brattleboro while heading for a few days in Rutland. While there we went to Killington and saw much more damage. Then onto the Shelburne /Burlington area to enjoy Lake Champlain. Last winter basically passed New England by. It consisted of two days at the end of October and shut CT down for 10 days. All seasons are out of whack now. They are talking about a harsh winter this year but it may start in Feb. Crazy weather patterns all over the world. Heading back to VT for most of October again in a few weeks.
    Where did you grow up there? You must have met people even in the states at some point who asked “Vermont..What state is that in.?
    Thanks for listening, John H.


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