Gringo View: Cancel “Cancel Culture”

“Cancel culture (or call-out culture) is a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles – whether it be online, on social media, or in person. Those who are subject to this ostracism are said to be 'cancelled'.”

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - I don’t know about you guys but the more this gringo hears about "cancel culture", the more I want to cancel it.

In this crazy world in which we are existing - it used to be called ‘living’ but after almost a year of pandemic isolation and endless bad news from all corners of the globe, 'existing' may be more accurate - there are probably other things that need canceling too; however, we'll stick to "cancel culture" here.

Let’s be honest: how many of you can more or less define ‘cancel culture’? Without Google, and . . .

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