Opinion, by Gregory Cufaro

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The decision to impeach President Dilma Rousseff today is a victory for democracy and for the people of Brazil. Any other result would have added to the ongoing political confusion and associated embarrassment and ridicule by her opponents and critics.

However, there is still much to do before the true effects of the political corruption and usurpation of power by the communist PT party and their de facto dictator leader Luis Inacio Lula and Dilma’s abuse of power can be swept clean from the political record!

While the decision to uphold the impeachment of Rousseff was the right and honorable action by the Senate, they failed to follow up by prohibiting Ms Rousseff from holding office for eight years.

This was a brilliant last minute act of legalese maneuvering which succeeded in separating the action of the impeachment with the vote for disbarment of holding political office.

To most this may seem inconsequential but it really does negatively impact the result of the legal process and bring into question the veracity of the political resolve to clean house.

Today, Michel Temer was sworn in as the 37th President of the Federative Republic of Brazil with perhaps the most important mandate in the entire history of the Republic.

He must find a way to until the factions and begin a policy of inclusion, healing and economic and social recovery. His responsibilities are heavy and the road ahead is filled with obstructions and danger. The hope is that however the future days develop the future of Brazil will be better.

One action which could add greatly to the of success of the installment of President Temer is for the Supreme Court to review the events of today and find a way to overturn the results of the second vote which failed to prohibit Ms Rousseff from holding political office for the next eight years.

If there is any legal way for the Courts of Law Society to investigate the process and overturn the results of her holding political office it should be pursued with vigor and energy.

If not, there is a real threat that the spectre of the PT party, Lula and Rousseff will regroup, bide their time and make another assault on the democracy of Brazil.

This must not happen! Please, please, PLEASE Brazil, look forward and not back. The past is past. The future has not yet been written.

Gregory Cufaro


  1. The scumbags had their cake and ate it.

    The saga continues…

    As my wife told me when she found out about my mistress: “Barry, she can’t just be slightly pregnant.”


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