Letter to the Editor, by Joy Winston,

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The games have been a great success, more than was dreamed of. The beautiful opening ceremony, the amazing people, the color and fun and the party atmosphere. I have enjoyed the spectacle .

Sadly I have not enjoyed the poor sportsmanship of the crowd particularly when it is a close competition as it was last night in the high jump.

The booing of the world champion was disgraceful and people should hang their heads in shame. One does not have to cheer for competitors from other countries if they don’t wish to, but being respectful and polite is a given.

Their own competitor who won the Gold was clearly embarrassed by his country men at the medal ceremony.

What a shame my memory of the games will be colored by the instances of poor sportsmanship.

Joy Winston


  1. And don’t forget not standing during the playing of the winning countries’ national athem. Poor form.

  2. Is Brazil the rudest and most unsporting country in the world? It seems so. I think I will cross Brazil off my list of countries to visit and may even give Brazilian goods a miss.
    Shame on you.

  3. Totally agree with the author. As a viewer this makes me very angry. How dear these people act like this? A dark and disgusting stain to the reputation of brazilian people.

  4. A stadium full of nasty, spoiled, feral children.
    What a sickening blow for the athletes standing up there so full of pride and excitement at their achievements.
    Shameful and disgusting. And that is an understatement.

  5. The booing could be down to ignorance however, the more than half empty stadiums are a disgrace. So what if the tickets are too expensive for the average Brazilian……just let them in for free then!! We can only imagine how dire the Paralympics are going to be. London was packed for every event at both Olympic and Paralympic meets, including early morning heats. A credit to the Brits.

    Great scenery though a truly beautiful setting.

  6. Jane
    I totally agree with Ms.Winston and I hope Mr. Lavillinie received an apology from the Brazilian Organising Commitee ! I am Irish and have just sent an e-mail to the Brazilian ambassador in Ireland to register my disgust and hurt at the Brazilian fans behaviour .

  7. In certain sports that require concentration like pole vault, it’s not right to try to scare and mess with people who have waited their whole lives for that moment. There’s etiquette that the world must follow when hosting the Olympics, but there is especially proper etiquette depending on specific sports.

  8. I have watched Olympics for years and the Brazilian fans are truly the worst sports fans ever! This is the Olympics where a universal spirit is to be enjoyed. It’s great to cheer for your Brazilian teams but please respect the other countries athletes that have worked so hard to get to the Olympics only to be harassed by the Brazilian fans. I will never travel to Brazil after watching these Olympics.

  9. Just finished watching the men’s volleyball final – Brazilian crowd jeered and whistled every opposition serve. Are you lot still hanging from the trees? Such malicious disrespect for the athletes proves Brazil should never again get the Olympics.

  10. Wow booing at the Olympics. What an immature people you Brazilians are. It’s now quite clear as to why Brazil continues to keep going the political and economic toilet.


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