Letter to the Editor, by Gregory Cufaro,

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has lost his grip on reality and like Don Quixote de la Mancha he is tilting at imaginary windmills. How delusional is he really? What world does he live in? Surely it is not the realm of reality and human morality. It is not Sergio Moro’s world.

His latest outlandish behaviour is proof that he believes himself immune from the ongoing Federal Justice Department investigation and criminal prosecution for crimes against the Brazilian people. Lula is convinced that, even now, after being charged for political corruption and theft of public monies, he is the one and only true law in Brazil. How else can a rational person explain his absolute gall and audacity to file a law suit against Federal Justice Sergio Moro? A suit alleging abuse of position and authority. Does Lula own a mirror?

On Friday November 18th 2016, Lula’s lawyers filed a legal action in Porto Alegre against Sergio Fernando Moro for “criminal abuse of authority”! Really? Lula complaining about abuse of authority? How sardonic is that? This man has no conscience whatsoever. His entire reason for existence is to be in power over and above the Brazilian people. Over and above the Brazilian Constitution. Over and above ANYONE who stands in his way.

To date, Lula has never uttered one word to even suggest taking ownership of his actions while in office as President or while supporting his personally groomed and hand-picked puppet successor, Dilma Rousseff. Under Lula’s watch, the Brazilian people have been systematically and ruthlessly lied to, manipulated, denigrated and embezzled out of millions of R$. Lula is the progenitor and mastermind of a criminal league which goes far deeper than anyone imagined when Sergio Moro first began the Lavo Jato investigation.

Sergio Moro has not backed down from seeking to bring to justice any persons responsible for criminal corruption. His team of investigators has uncovered more duplicity, public office corruption and government mismanagement than ever before in the modern history of Brazilian politics. Moro is neither impressed by nor intimidated by the threats and bullying tactics of Lula and his gangsters.

These latest attempts to resurrect his tarnished legacy are acts of a desperate person. Lula is terrified and he does not like the feeling. His future residence will be a jail cell not the Palácio do Planalto. Maybe he can make his new home more comfortable and cheerful by hanging a picture of Sergio Moro on his cell wall!

Gregory Cufaro


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