Letter to the Editor, by Kerwin Maude

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Mike Phelps, once again, shows off his athletic prowess and competitive form at the Rio Olympics by helping his team win another gold medal for the United States. A competitive spirit, this athlete acquired a wealth of experiences, training and hard work to make him top in his field.

It is athletes like him, and many other professional and amateur athletes, who do not, use performance enhancing drugs that make the sport better. These people are the engine for the betterment of the sports by showing that dedication, skills and attitudes, pay off, not cheating.

It is rumored he will retire and not return for the next Olympic, if so, enjoy your legacy and inspire others to compete honestly with heart and soul.

Congratulations to all athletes who train and win honestly.

Kerwin Maude


  1. Could not agree more! If I could also add one quick comment to the people of Rio. Thank you for doing such a beautiful presentation of the Olympic Games. Despite huge obstacles and negative press, you did a great job. And it was obvious to us here in the states that it was done with great enthusiasm. Please forgive us for the unruly swimmers nonsense and remember us for the 99% of our athletes that enjoyed and respected you, their hosts.


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