Letter to the Editor, by James A. Marples

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – I have read several articles in The Rio Times over concerns about the Zika virus and the upcoming Rio Olympics. While organizers, vendors, participants and spectators should take appropriate precautions against mosquitoes; the Olympic venues are reputed to be fairly safe.

The only extra bit of added caution (or perhaps avoidance of some activities) should be taken by pregnant women who would be wise to be especially cautious to avoid risks to themselves and their fetuses; as well as those potentially pregnant women who are sexually-active.

I think the average attendee has cause for concern, but not fear. However, if some cases of the Zika Virus appear, they could appear in other nations just as easily.

The only “advantage” {if such a word ‘applies’} is that if widespread outbreaks of Zika illnesses or birth defects occur amongst attendees, it might help scientists further NARROW the demographics and intensify research for further studies, hopefully leading to a vaccine and/or a cure.

I hope Rio Olympics goes well and is safe and enjoyed by everyone involved.


James A. Marples
Longview, Texas, U.S.


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