Letter to the Editor, by Adriana Sullivan

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – I read the article about the woman that that got robbed because of her phone. While I do not condone robbery, and I do not condone any violence, unfortunately robbers go for phones and jewelry it really is an unfortunate thing.

Yet when in Rio or Brazil or any place that has that unfortunate crime, one has to be on the lookout and even when it is a time that you do not think crime will happen to you – it does happen as the author explained and the author really did everything in his/her power to prevent it – it unfortunately does happen.

What I have learned is not to carry money, phones, jewelry etc. – even if you don’t have that you may be targeted. Many Brazilians do get targeted as well – I know of a woman going to work and a brick got thrown on her bus and she almost got hurt as well.

Unfortunately crime is an equal opportunity offender. I really am pleased that the author relayed this information but it must be said that such crimes affect Brazilians as well.


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