Dear Mr. Royster [AKA the Curmudgeon],

I was a missionary serving for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in northeastern Brazil back in the early 2000’s and in my current job I have the privilege of traveling down there about three times a year.

I read their newspapers daily (Folha, Globo, Estadão, Jornal do Brasil etc.) to keep up on everything Brazil but, by far, I enjoy your columns the most (although the Sensacionalista does comes in as a close second). Your historically based, skeptical, analytical realism sprinkled with snark keep me both informed and entertained.

The next time I’m down there, I’d love to meet with you.



  1. This Mr. Royster is The Best !
    I have been living in Sao Paulo for over 12 years now,
    and there’s nothing I look forward to reading (besides really
    good books, that is) than The Curmudgeon !!!

  2. If you enjoy Mr. Royster’s writing you should check out his appearances on the Lost In Rio podcast!


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