Dear Mr. Stone Korshak,

Thank you for an article written that sheds light about the needs of the favela community in Rio de Janeiro. Too often the media portrays these young, underprivileged and disadvantaged children as dirty criminals and bad people, but forget the harsh living conditions often force these kids to steal to avoid starvation.

It was refreshing to hear a story about favela youth that did not involve guns and drugs, yet instead talked about how investment opportunities and recreational activities are needed to help give these children a different choice in life. Many people never meet a group of people; all they know about the group is what the media and dominant power groups are saying about them.

I loved the photograph of the smiling children training karate, showing that the youth in the favelas much prefer leisure activities to drugs and violence, and to see that portrait painted of instead of the latter surely brightened my day. I have family in the favela and I know they are so many good people living there, and I appreciate the article shedding light on that. Keep up the good work over at The Rio Times!

Diego Castro.

Note: The article referenced is here:


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