Letter to the Editor, by Ashley Anderson

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Dear sir, I visited Rio in April 1977 when serving with the Royal Navy aboard HMS Ariadne. I met and was friends with a man called Osmar and a girl called Maria Rosa Do Santos.

Osmar was a doorman at a bar called the Western Bar near where the ship was docked, Maria was his girlfriend who was pregnant at the time.

I would really like to be able to trace them but so much time has passed since then, I don’t know where to start so I was hopping that your newspaper could possibly help me.

I have attached a few photos of them with me and copy of the last letter I had from them which I have kept all these years.

As you can read from the letter they named their son Anderson after me and I would love to know what became of them.

I don’t know if their son Anderson is the Anderson, who is well known in Brazil, as he is the right age and I don’t know if Anderson is a very used name in Rio.

After all this time, I don’t think they would be at the address on the letter or have the same phone number. Any help from your paper would be welcome.

I now live in Edinburgh Scotland. My address is
Ashley Anderson
20 Buckstone Loan East
Edinburgh Eh10 6 xd
Tel: 44 7761614559
Home: 44 1314454707
E.mail: ashleyanderson1@hotmail.com


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