Letter to the Editor

Have you heard that Lady Gaga is coming to Brazil? Obviously, I don’t know if you’re answering yes or no to my question (this is only a letter) but I can definitely say that I heard of the event several times.

The 22-year-old (going on 23 this year) is extremely talented and I was surprised to find that there is actually very little said about her concert in Brazil (coming up in May). At least, very little is said in English. Being fluent in Portuguese, I don’t mind this very much, but coming from an English background, I can safely say that English-speaking people living in Brazil who also happen to be fans of Lady Gaga and would like to go to her concert in May 2010 and have tried to read about it only to find the information is in Portuguese (say that several times fast!) would like to have an article about it written in English!

I am a loyal reader of The Rio Times and have faith in their journalistic talent, so I was hoping that one of your journalists could write a piece about Lady Gaga and her coming to Rio, finally allowing foreigners to read a well-written article on the subject in English.



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