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RIO DE JANEIRO – There are a few articles on The Rio Times website that mention subways, or metros. Lately we (the people who live in Rio) have come to use the metros quite often in our day to day lives.

This form of transport proves to be cheap and efficient for most people, which raises a question that is heard on a regular basis: Why isn’t there a metro in Barra yet? The truth is, they have just started building it and hopefully the builders will be done sooner than later.

With the 2016 Olympic games approaching, it’s understandable that they would try and get this huge project done by then, but why is it that Brazil only ever tries to improve life when foreigners are going to be in town?

Thinking back to the 2007 Pan American games, you may remember that during that time, the prefeitura rented brand new police cars and got all of the homeless people off the streets. Upon the conclusion of the games, everything went back to normal. It makes one wonder if the Barra metro project will have the same fate, becoming an abandoned and run-down subway.

I would like to know more about the construction of the Barra metro and if the prefeitura plans on extending the construction further into Barra and possibly into Recreio. I know that The Rio Times has an efficient news team so I am asking you if you could write and publish a story on this. It’s an interesting topic and I look forward to reading about it!


  1. Probably the worst idea anyone has invented in Rio de Janeiro Mass Transport History is the current Barra Metro Project. Anyone that has ever used the subway during rush hour knows that the subway system is heavilly over crowded. The Barra Subway is not a new line, it is in fact an extension of the only subway line (we now have 1A and 1B which used to be line 2), adding more and more people on the same line.

    The original plan was a line to Barra through Humanitá and Gávea. The Carioca station has been ready for years and has a second level for this line to be used as the final station and sections of the tunnel have already been dug.

    The other plan called for a full circle to be built, connecting Ipanema and Sãens Penha through Barra de Tijuca, but this probably will never happen.


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