Letter to the Editor

I had been to Tijuca Forest (Floresta da Tijuca) a few times before, but I’d always taken it as another hike in the woods. Sure, I enjoyed it, but I’ve got to admit that it is a lot more fun to go when you know what to look out for. For example, I had never gone to the peak! Lived here my whole life and I had never once seen the view from the Tijuca Peak.

It was an article that I read on The Rio Times website (“Hiking Tijuca Peak” by Ravi Costa) that gave me the idea of finally doing it – going up to the very top. I rounded up some friends and sure enough, we had a blast. We took some food and drinks in a thermal bag (because of Ravi’s warning that there would be nowhere to get refreshments at the top) and made a day of it.

Without this article, that day would have never happened. I owe that day to The Rio Times for publishing such a great article and to Ravi Costa for writing such a compelling story. Well done! Keep up the good work!


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