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March 21st was World Poetry Day and we tasked our Upper School students at International School of Macaé with writing their own poems.  These four were our best entries. We hope to hear which are your favorites.

I Love You To Pieces

I love the way your hair falls,
I love the way your voice calls.

I love to watch you sleep at night,
I love you because it feels so right.

I love it when your eyes flash green,
And, when you stare at me like in a dream.

I love it just to kiss your face,
And, I love the way your lips taste.

I hear you laugh and fall in love,
It sounds like angels from above.

When you smile, I am complete,
From my head, until my feet.

But, what I love most about you and me,
I’ll always know, in love, we’ll be.

To my dearest love . . . . . . .

By: Gavin Rhys Bigger

Soccer After School

The ball goes in,
They started a war,
The crowd shouts,”Win!”

I juked Gavin,
But he wanted more,
The ball goes in.

We dribbled their team,
No matter what they wore,
The crowd shouts,”Win!”

I missed a goal,
My team got upset,
The ball goes in.

The ball hit me in the face,
But that’s cool, because I had no sweat,
The crowd shouts,”Win!”

We won the game,
They lost the bet,
The ball goes in,
The crowd shouts,”Win!”

By: Juan Sebastian Velasquez Montoya


3 Season

The sun is so shiny,
Everything outside is brilliant,
There is a warm breeze.

The kids are playing,
This Monday is really hot,
I will eat ice cream.

The sky is cloudy,
The birds and the sun are gone,
I’ve to say goodbye Summer.

The Summer is gone,
All the leaves are falling down,
The Autumn arrive.

This Monday is windy,
The sky is full of grey clouds,
Because it will rain.

My house is so cold,
The sky will cry all the night,
The Winter arrive.

By: Silvana Guerrero Araujo



If I had to choose, wilderness or civilization,
I would side with wilderness,
For the forest is my best friend.
Exactly the same day in and day out,
Doing whatever it takes to survive,
Without the savage watchful eye of civilized man hypocritically watching you.
Feel no shame,
You will prevail,
The dominant species will always prevail.
Cruel and unfair, Mother Nature will try to break you,
Do not reveal your weakness, your fear,
As this ability to numb your emotions will make or break you.
Remember, only you control your survivability,
Independent from corporate authority,
Making your own laws and making your own crimes.
These freedoms are why I would never embrace civilization over the seemingly wretched wilderness.

By: Devin Paul Farley


  1. I like all of them, But, I am partial to a poem that speaks of nature in
    sincere terms.. so that would be “Outdoors.”


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