Opinion: Trump and Brazilians in the USA

Trump the President has just, symbolically and symptomatically, deleted the Spanish language version of the White House website. If there had been a Portuguese version, he would have deleted that too.

Opinion by Michael Royster

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – It is often said that there are more Brazilians in New England from the town of Governador Valadares in Minas Gerais, than there are in Governador Valadares itself.

This is probably not true, because Governador Valadares is a city of over 200,000 inhabitants, but for years, if you were from that town, you could not get a tourist visa to the United States, because of the wave of illegal immigrants two decades ago.

Nowadays, as the Brazilian economy has tanked, there are probably Subscribe to our Premium Membership Plan. Already Subscribed?