Opinion by Michael Royster

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Curmudgeon has wasted far too much time reading contradictory pieces about the Zika virus and its alleged connection to a serious brain defect called microcephaly. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued an advisory on January 6th saying there was no reason for pregnant women not to travel to places with Zika, but on January 16th, it said “don’t go!”

The Curmudgeon, aka Michael Royster.
The Curmudgeon, aka Michael Royster.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that Zika virus is a “pandemic” about to hit four million people, but two days later it admitted that there was no proof that Zika had caused microcephaly.

Brazil’s Minister of Health said the country was being trounced in the battle against Zika, but Brazil’s President said he was wrong, and that no measly little virus could stand up to a great battling country.

The Brazilian government announced it was putting 200,000 military personnel out in the streets, armed with … pamphlets! But no one knows when this will happen, nor what the pamphlets will say, nor where the military will go.

The one (and only) thing everybody truly knows about Zika is that it is transmitted by Aedes Aegypti, a mosquito that loves human company. So, proposals abound to send Aedes to Hades, using (a) fumigation (with DDT); (b) asphyxiation (covering standing water); (c) genetic modification (they can’t breed); (d) vaccination (10 years down the road) and (e) the elimination of urban poverty (no comment).

The true problem, of course, is not Zika — it’s microcephaly. There has been an outbreak of microcephaly in Brazil’s Northeast, and what’s frightening is that no one knows what has caused it. Only a very few of these cases have been linked to Zika.

Unlike dengue and yellow fever, Zika has never killed anyone, nor even caused severe distress. Microcephaly, on the other hand, destroys lives. In the Curmudgeon’s opinion, the focus of Brazilian research should be microcephaly, not Zika.

The Curmudgeon will be traveling in Zika-free zones for the first fortnight of February, but will return.


  1. As i understand, the CDC is here in Brasil to research if there is actually a connection between Zika and microencephaly.
    But in the meantime the govt can create the impression that it is doing something and capture headlines.
    i did read an article in the NYT that a test is being carried out on a very limited basis of genetically treated mosquitos. But Anvisa has not given permission to use it on a grand area. A vaccine is years away as you said.

  2. Please research the stories going around the internet that these women received the newly required dtap vaccine for pregnant women in 2014? As a retired RN ,the Zika blame seems far fetched as it has been around 65 years and not known to cause the microcephaly. Why all of a sudden? Also, is the ZIKA test just to show antigens? I would think many may just have antigens because it has been around so long but does not mean disease, necessarily. I would halt immediately the newly required DTAP vaccine. Is it given at 20-22 weeks(closer to brain development).?? In America, it is optional and offered at around 28 weeks or later. Medicines and vaccines can cause guillion-barre, and fetus defects (like Zofran and heart defects) and NEVER forget the thalidomide babies born with flipper arms!!! Please leave no stone unturned even if all powerful drug companies do not want an investigation!!!!These poor women and families need answers and truth, and not a tap dance!!!

  3. I have been posting this all over in America but little good it does there. Every building in every city needs to be made a no pest strip with cheap water soluble adhesive. It should be washed off and reapplied when it is no longer sticky Also DC3 airplanes in America were outfitted for spraying for Mosquitos in the 70’s, I dont think one ever crashed. But all the places with fresh water lying on the ground should be sprayed.

  4. After further investigation, the total # of Zika virus found is 7. As in 7. Proving. PROVING there is NO Zika ‘epidemic’ linked to babies w/brain damage. It is much more likely that is all the pesticides being used. Some of which are BANNED in 22 countries because of their toxic qualities. This Zika thing is a cover story the CDC is using to make MONEY and control people.
    Quit it.

  5. I would check to see if Adacel / by Sanofi Pasteur or Boostrix/ by GSK(GlaxoSmithKline) vaccines were given to these pregnant women as guillion barre, and encephalopathy were listed warnings……Also at least one said safety not established in pregnant women !!!

  6. Exactly, so glad to read that these notices that nothing is proven and that it “smells” like a cover up are beeing posted. Unfortunately the reaction is to spray with highly toxic chemicals with possible birth defects for births coming up which the people behind this seeminly cover up could say that is proof of the link beeing proclaimed between zika and encephalopathy. On the side I would also like to throw in the thought that at this time up front of the football worldgames 2014 there were alot of people on the streets to call for more money for health, schools and social systems. Now we are up front of the olympic games…


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