Opinion, by Pia Granjon Lecerf

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Olà! Did you go and look at the fabulous outdoor exhibition of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, French photographer, reporter and true ecologist? The photos are pieces of art and as he says himself, “Earth is the most beautiful artist.”

Life Coach in Rio de Janeiro, Pia Granjon Lecerf.
Life Coach in Rio de Janeiro, Pia Granjon Lecerf.

How strongly do I agree with that! Some of the pictures actually look more like paintings to me! The exhibition is on the Praça Cinelandia (Cinelandia Square), in Centro (Center). Believe me, if you haven’t been yet, go! Fly!

For today, I would love to share with you something that Yann Arthus-Bertrand says: “Agir, s’engager rend heureux.” (Acting, being engaged makes you happy), my very personal translation there.

Yes. When you act and are engaged you do feel happy. There are several reasons for that.

When we act following a choice we have made and we are happy with, our thoughts are aligned with our beliefs and so we are emerged into congruence. When our actions and our thoughts are congruent with our beliefs and values, we then feel easiness, things become obvious. Everything “flows” naturally.

When we are engaged, we focus on something precise and as such our actions are more efficient. It is as if we have a precise plan, the image of what we want to achieve is precise and clear. Then again, it is easier!

Can you recall moments in your life when you felt happy? Do you know why you felt that way? Were you experimenting something like:
– Sharing: we are social animals and we feel bigger, much bigger when we can share;
– Action: When we are acting, we move. When I say we move, I am thinking our body, probably, and our thoughts as well. Moving means being alive. And being alive knowing what you have to do feels good, it takes away all the worries of the organization.

By the way, when you have a choice to make, move! Stand up and move! That will shake your ideas as well, new ones will come into your mind more easily.

Happiness also comes with free desire: We make one choice and we make it because it is the one we want. Nobody else but us. It is a moment of self-power and self-power is exhilarating! That is freedom! It is a truly incredible powerful feeling.

We also have the feeling of being useful. Objectively true or not for others, but that is what also nourishes our motivation to continue.

All those feelings of congruence, sharing, being in action, experimenting a free desire and usefulness go together. We do not need to look for all of them to complete an ideal equation of happiness, as one or two will naturally lead to the others.

Everything is linked as they all belong to the same movement. For Yann Arthus-Bertrand the equation seems to go first with acting and being engaged. How about yours? Where shall it begin with? Do you know?

If you want to know more about Yann Arthus-Bertrand, check the website.

Have a fab day!

Pia Granjon Lecerf, life coach


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