Opinion, by Pia Granjon Lecerf

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – We are so much more than who we think we are! The other day, I went for a run around the Lagoa. After a few stretching movements, I sat on the branch of my favorite tree and begin an exercise that you can do wherever you are and consists in developing your senses.

Life Coach in Rio de Janeiro, Pia Granjon Lecerf.
Life Coach in Rio de Janeiro, Pia Granjon Lecerf.

What is the interest of developing the acuity of our senses would you ask? Here is my answer: to get a richer, a fuller, a more complete conscious image of yourself and the environment in which you are emerged. To allow you to better use your ears, the sensations coming from your skin, your taste, your nose , your eyes.

Thanks to them, you can catch much more information about an event, from meeting someone … from your whole environment, again, in a conscious way. Without taking that conscious attention to what is around you, that’s your brain working automatically and taking in many many information that you are not consciously aware of, that may well reappear in the future as if coming from nowhere and influencing your life.

Some of our senses have ended sleeping because we do not use them a lot or less than what we can. You can wake them up, you can stimulate them, and you can develop them ! They are in you as dormant information providers. With them, you can open your mind, be able to capture so much more of your life; with doing this type of exercise, the results are important.

So here I am, perched on the tree. I focus on a point of the horizon. Keeping my whole body and eyes still.
I begin to go through one sense after the other and concentrate on catching every single detail each sense can grasp. Eyes: what do I see? Smell: what smells can I perceive? Tastes: what tastes can I taste? Skin: what can I feel on my skin? Ears: what can I hear and / or listen?

Allowing several minutes for each sense, discovering noises, smells, feelings skin sensations, tastes, images that I had not captured before staying still and concentrated. Doing so, you are beginning to discover many, many details you had not imagined were there, around you.

This exercise is for you to increase the amount of information you can use that are enriching your perception and as such, a more precise understanding of yourself in your environment.

The bigger picture is to admit that you can be much more that who you already are. You can reach higher than what you do now, if you want to. We can very easily get used to have a daily routine which is easy to ‘sleep’ on and why not!

Though, sometimes it is good to know that we can, quite easily, grow in many ways. Our limits can always be pushed a bit more if we need them to be. With no violence, with no fight; simply naturally with motivation: that’s the key. Being motivated means you know why you are doing what you have decided.

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Pia Granjon Lecerf


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