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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – MBA EXCLUSIVE: The ACCESS MBA One-to-One Tour is coming to the Golden Tulip Ipanema hotel in Rio de Janeiro on March 8th. As the recruitment sector and financial markets become increasingly globalized, interest in Management Studies is at an all-time high. And the MBA degree is still the best key to fighting the crisis.

74 percent of companies are planning to hire MBA graduates in 2012

MBA EXCLUSIVE: The ACCESS MBA One-to-One Tour is coming to the Golden Tulip Ipanema hotel in Rio de Janeiro on March 8th
MBA EXCLUSIVE: The ACCESS MBA One-to-One Tour is coming to the Golden Tulip Ipanema hotel in Rio de Janeiro on March 8th, photo by ADvent Group.

Getting an MBA will give you the best possible chance to access top-level jobs and increase your salary. According to a 2011 GMAC survey of 229 companies, eighty percent of employees in senior positions would not have earned their position without an MBA.

Furthermore, the survey found that 93 percent of graduates of the top hundred programs found a permanent contract even before receiving their degree. The most prestigious universities pride themselves on the professional insertion record of their students: over 1,500 companies offered full time jobs to MBA students from IE Business School in 2008-2009.

But there is even better news: Companies are planning to recruit more MBA graduates in 2012 than in 2011: 74 percent compared with 58 percent!

An average salary of US$117,000 per year.

According to the latest Financial Times survey, the average salary of recent graduates of the top hundred worldwide MBA programs is US$117,000. One third of companies that recruit MBA graduates are planning to increase their entry salaries in 2012, whilst 65 percent will maintain the salaries offered in 2011 (source: Graduate Management Admissions Council).

Though an MBA costs between €$20,000 and €$40,000, Business Week says that graduates of the best European business schools see a major return on investment in less than five years. Leading graduates to international careers in management or enabling them to change the direction of their career in numerous ways, the MBA is without a doubt the anti-crisis diploma.

“Today an MBA is essential for obtaining the highest managerial positions, but the degree also enables graduates to take a significant turn in their career without having previous experience in finance, strategy, consulting or business, for example,” says Christophe Coutat, General Director of the ACCESS MBA and ACCESS MASTERS Tours.

Studying in Brazil or abroad?

The globalization of the past ten years has opened the MBA market to European and U.S. schools, which provide an interesting alternative to Brazilian institutions. This is largely due to the diversity of the student body of European schools.

The ACCESS MBA One-to-One Tour is an opportunity to meet admissions representatives to top MBA programs
The Access MBA Tour is an original and efficient way to find the right MBA, photo by ADvent Group.

As much as 95 percent of foreign students make up the MBA student population at schools like IE Business School, which has the eighth best worldwide MBA program according to the Financial Times. Cultural diversity is not only a sign of quality education, it also creates wider networking opportunities after degree completion.

Another major advantage to international programs is the possibility of finding jobs in different countries. MBA study can be done in several locations, as is the case of Hult Business School which, in addition to the U.S., has opened campuses in London, Dubai and Shanghai.

Thanks to these global MBA programs, you can benefit from an enriching experience on another continent and have a greater chance of finding the job of your dreams and quickly reimbursing your studies.

Manchester Business School offers students a practical program that introduces them to the UK job market via internships and partnerships with local businesses. Students in Brazil can also tap into Manchester’s core curriculum through their online distance learning option.

If you want to put the investment into a world-class, one year full-time MBA that will jump-start your career, schools like Audencia in France are good options. Audencia has been ranked in the top hundred worldwide MBA programs in the last three editions of The Economist, and the program was 25th in the world for student diversity.

Location is an important factor when deciding on an MBA abroad. A cosmopolitan campus like Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School’s in Brussels puts graduates in the heart of Europe with over 41 nationalities and graduates working in 75 countries worldwide.

If you plan to work in North America after graduation, you may consider an established U.S. institution such as the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University, which offers scholarships for strong South American candidates. You can also choose to remain in a major U.S. city like at Bentley University located in the Boston area that offers two different full-time MBA programs and provides scholarships to highly qualified candidates.

Alternately, if you want to stay in a Portuguese-speaking environment, you may consider a program like the Lisbon MBA, which is the only European school to have a joint partnership with MIT in Boston. Lisbon MBA students have the added benefits of a global network, which include top US-based visiting professors.

This partnership is just one great example of the importance of a study abroad experience that aligns with a real-world global business setting.

One-to-One meetings: the first step to admission

The Access MBA Tour is an original and efficient way to find the right MBA. Created nine years ago, the renowned MBA Tour travels to fifty cities every year with a hundred international business schools, the majority of which are top-tier MBA programs.

Access MBA gives selected candidates the chance to meet individually with Admissions Directors of the best international MBA programs. Access MBA is based on a simple and original concept: twenty minutes in a One-to-One meeting to convince recruiters of your suitability for admission as well as to determine which MBA program is the best for you.

Being held of the fifth time in São Paulo and second time in Rio de Janeiro, representatives of Full Time, Part Time or Distance Learning programs will be present at the One-to-One event on March 10th.

“It is a unique experience and so much better than a traditional fair where you often feel a bit lost. Here we are guided, accompanied and individually oriented at each step. The individual meetings enabled me to think in more detail about what I want and now I know where I wish to apply,” explains Thiago, who participated in last year’s event in São Paulo.

How can you take advantage of Access MBA’s exclusive services? All you have to do is register online on and bring your resume or CV to the event.

Practical Information:

Rio de Janeiro
Thursday, March 8th, 2012, 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Golden Tulip Ipanema

São Paulo
Saturday March 10th, 2012, 9AM to 4:30PM
Intercontinental Sao Paolo, Alameda Santos, 1123,
Mandatory registration on

Places for the One-to-One meetings are limited, and registration is free of charge.
Each event participant has access to:
• Personalized meetings with admissions directors from the best worldwide MBA programs
• Newspapers, coffee and helpful event assistance
• Orientation sessions, practice GMAT tests and thematic conferences
• An MBA Reach Account (worth €$25) which includes practice GMAT test and unlimited access to MBA search tools
• A specialized guide of 150 pages containing articles, school profiles and rankings

Special offer for Rio Times readers:
Bring a qualified colleague or friend to the event and receive a one hour personalized coaching session after the event!

This is a paid Advertorial for Access MBA Tour.


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