By Richard Mann, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Yesterday Chinese online retailer giant AliExpress announced a partnership with Cainiao Network, a logistics platform, to reduce current delivery time from China to Brazil by up to 50 percent. This means that if your order previously took a month to arrive, it will now be delivered in just two weeks.

According to a press release, Brazil is a major market for AliExpress due to the country’s huge retail sector. (Photo Alamy)

The new solution is called AliExpress Premium Shipping and should shorten the delivery time by 22 to 28 days from the payment confirmation date.

Besides, Premium shipping is said to be fully traceable and offers users savings of up to 59 percent on shipping costs. According to the partnering companies, the Premium option is designed to be particularly cost-effective for shipping heavy packages.

To achieve this, the two companies have improved end-to-end processing time and assured transportation space, optimizing customs clearance solutions for land delivery through local partners. These, however, have not yet been disclosed by Alibaba, owner of both companies.

According to a press release, Brazil is a significant market for AliExpress due to the country’s huge retail sector, which totals US$1,107 billion, as well as the sharp growth of e-commerce.

The most popular categories among users in Brazil are mobile phone accessories, watches, consumer electronics, and toys. In addition to Brazil, AliExpress is also very popular in Russia, Spain, France, the United States, Israel, and Poland.

As has been widely commented, both companies are not expected to apply the same pricing as used in other countries, given the characteristics of the Brazilian tax system.

As a result, when selling certified products in compliance with tax laws, importing them via channels such as AliExpress should still provide a far better cost-benefit ratio.


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