By Sibel Tinar, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO – Sunlight, caipirinhas, ocean views, soccer games, samba, mpb and bossa nova are all perfect accessories for the favorite Brazilian pastime: lounging and relaxing. With a culture that values leisure as much as Brazil does, it is only natural that Brasilazy, a brand known for its large, comfortable lounge pillows, is on its way to becoming a widely recognized, in-demand commodity.

Poolside lounging with Brasilazy, photo courtesy of Brasilazy.

Modern in design and multifunctional, Brasilazy offers comfort without sacrificing quality or durability. It is made of strong, waterproof textile that is resistant to both the harsh sun and rain showers of Brazil, and is filled with virgin polystyrene beads that allow users to easily set it up as they wish.

Tim Stijntjes, the Fortaleza-based founder and owner of Brasilazy had the initial idea in 2007, when he moved to Brazil from Holland. “I decided to try to make beanbags after a friend of mine emailed me a picture of beaches full of beanbags in Holland, and here, in Fortaleza, all I could find was plastic chairs”, Tim tells us. “That is when the idea was born.”

Brasilazy Advertisement.
Brasilazy Advertisement.

His idea has been to create a high-quality product that would be strong enough to be used outdoors, on the beach, or by the pool, as well as inside a house or an apartment.

It didn’t take him long to reach a wide array of clients, ranging from individual customers who use Brasilazy at home, to hotels, beach barracas, and even international tourists, who buy the products with no filling in order to fill them at home, and create a comfortable, fashionable corner full of warm memories of a Brazilian vacation.

Aside from the beanbags that it is the brand’s main focus, most popular and best-selling product, Brasilazy also has a line of bags for women, which are made from the same, strong textile, and finished with leather accents.

A smaller, kids version of the famous beanbags has also been recently released with the name of Brasilazy Média. All Brasilazy products are available in thirteen colors: black, brown, marinho (dark blue), musgo (dark green), grafite (dark gray), royal (lighter blue), red, yellow, lime green, pink, orange, white, and beige.

In line with the youthful and modern nature of its products, Brasilazy does most of its sales via internet, and ships them all over Brazil. “In Rio de Janeiro we do not yet have a fixed point of sale, but we are looking for an interesting partner”, says Tim Stijntjes.

Different Brasilazy products on display at a kiosk in Fortaleza, Ceará, photo courtesy of Brasilazy.

“We are attending events, mostly in Ceará where we are based, to promote the product and let people try it. With a partner we will be doing this more in Rio as well”, Tim Stijntjes explains.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are also platforms where Brasilazy fans, along with those looking to get more information can gather to exchange opinions, pictures, enter contests, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and promotions.

Please visit the official Brasilazy website to get more information and/or shop online, and stay connected by following Brasilazy on Facebook and Twitter.

This article is a paid advertorial for Brasilazy.


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