By Jay Forte, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – As hundreds of thousands of foreigners prepare to come to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics in August, many corporate groups and delegations will take to their own stage – tasked to provide a well-packaged experience in the Cidade Maravilhosa. Brazil 101: Comedy for Gringos is ready to help, through a 45 minute comedy show that is the perfect entertainment for new and veteran travelers to Brazil.

Brazil 101 comedy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Brazil 101: Comedy for Gringos is available to perform for corporate groups and delegations visiting Rio during the Olympics, image recreation.

In this original show during the Olympics, Brazilian stand-up comedians have put together their funniest material about Brazilian culture to share with tourists and expats. Audiences will get a taste of local humor, laugh as they learn about Brazilian life and will leave with some hilarious tips for making the most of their time in Rio.

Kim Levone is the creator and producer of Brazil 101: Comedy for Gringos, and shares, “I am a big believer that comedy can be a tool for social change and cross-cultural communication. When I started working on the show, things were not nearly as complicated in Brazil. Zika, Impeachment, Infrastructure … it’s heavy stuff.”

Levone continues, “But the very best way to get through the tough times is to be able to laugh together. I want people to know that the comedy is ‘by Brazilians, about Brazil’ and that, even now, it’s still a very positive show. People will leave the show feeling even more affection about this beautiful, diverse, interesting country. And they will definitely have learned a lot!”

Brazil 101: Comedy for Gringos is self-described as a witty, engaging live stand-up comedy show brought to audiences by Improbable Comedy. The show features Brazilian comedians performing for groups in English, on-site at a location convenient to groups; hotels, conference rooms, restaurants, and private residences.

Brazil 101: Comedy for Gringos, Rio 2016 Olympics, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil News
Brazil 101: Comedy for Gringos is tailor tuned for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, image by Improbable Comedy.

“Right now we are offering this to corporate groups and delegations who are in Rio for the Olympics and Paralympics,” Levone explains. She also adds they are available for other bookings and “We would love to perform for the athletes!!!”

“Obviously, English speaking groups will enjoy the show best along with companies who are looking for a unique experience for their staff/guests. This is a positive show about Brazilian culture and the crazy differences between gringos and Brazilians. Brazil 101 might be the best part of their trip here…(shhh…don’t tell the Olympics!)”

Kim Levone founded Improbable Comedy in 2011 and produced its first shows outside Washington, DC where she lives with her family. She also co-produced shows, with Finnish comedian Harri Soinilla, in Rio and São Paulo while she was living in Brazil. Her success developing this English language stand-up comedy attracted top Brazilian talent and foreign comedians (Louis Katz, Johnny Loquasto, Trevor Lock). Those shows, in turn, helped launch the Brazil 101 concept.

Levone shared, “Brazilian comedians were very enthusiastic about performing in English. They were eager to perform for the foreigners who are coming into Brazil for the games,” adding that the best feeling of success comes from, “the comedians! They pull together funny, clever material about Brazil, in English – and they keep it mostly clean. The result is part ‘guide to Brazil’ and part stand-up comedy show. But it is one hundred percent hilarious.”

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