By Nelson Belen, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Positive news from Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism was just released today showing that the long holiday weekend in Brazil, which began with the country’s Independance day last Friday, September 7th and ended yesterday, September 9th, injected approximately R$4.9 billion into the struggling Brazilian economy.

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Porto de Galinhas was one of the most visited cities in Brazil this past weekend, photo courtesy of Brazil’s Tourism Ministry.

“Prolonged holidays boost tourism as they represent an opportunity for short trips to be taken outside of school holidays,” said Tourism Minister Vinicius Lummertz. “These trips produce business for hotels and the attractions of many cities, even generating temporary jobs.”

During the long weekend in Brazil, 2.3 million Brazilians and Brazilian residents travelled throughout the country with beaches and historical cities among the most sought-after destinations.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, several cities in the Northeast were extremely popular this year including the beach cities of Porto de Galinhas, Maceió, and Fortaleza. Other sites in demand this past weekend were Balneário Camboriú in Santa Catarina, Gramado in Rio Grande do Sul, and the historical cities of Minas Gerais, such as Ouro Preto, Mariana, and Tiradentes.

The long Independence Day weekend in Brazil is the third long weekend of the year so far, after Labor Day (May 1st) and Corpus Christi (May 31st).

Those living in Brazil can look forward to four more long holiday weekends on the calendar: Lady of Aparecida (October 12th), All Souls Day (November 2nd), Republic Day (November 15th), and Christmas (December 25th).

The Ministry of Tourism estimates that, in total, the seven long holiday weekends in 2018 will result in 13.9 million trips taken, injecting approximately R$29 billion into the Brazilian economy.


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